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Optimal Posting

We work with numerous platforms and programs to ensure that your social media posts are pinged to the most optimal time to ensure maximum organic impact. 

Additionally we will provide you with a months worth of social media to review in advance so if there are any changes we can make them in time.


Page Management

Many social media pages are not optimized or properly layed out and sometimes will even feature outdated information. 

With our social media management, we build out the social media pages as well as engage with customers on your behalf once brand guidelines have been established.


Reporting and Ads

Unfortunately, social media is no longer an organic optimal component. With the importance and push for Facebook marketing, we offer reporting and ad support completely integrated into the standard Internet Marketing package. 


Free Facebook Ads Audit

Many of my clients and customers get frustrated over the prospects in Facebook posts and ads. While there are definitely ways to find success with the option, a lot of the time there are poor bid strategies, audience management, poor pictures or copy. If you have spent money on Facebook Ads on the past and would like to know if you could have done better, click the image to your right and I’ll be able to determine what went wrong and what went right.

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