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Websites Are Your Own Market

Having and maintaining a proper website in this era is more important than arguably anything else. 

While Google and Facebook are great platforms for promoting your business, they are still platforms. You are not able to completely say and do whatever you want on these platforms nor are you the exclusive figurehead of representation for your business. 

Your own website gives you the opportunity to definitively express and showcase your business.

How Our System Works

We design new websites for small businesses but the average client gets an array of web services that don’t fall into that category. 


Most websites will need regularly scheduled updates.


Page Speed and UX can be improved by off-loading assets and optimizing web code.



We offer firewall management as well as monthly backups.


Best Practices

Google has several tools that make it easy for designers to showcase the best experience for users.

How Is Your Website Doing?

Most people don’t know the status of their website or how well it’s performing. While we certainly aren’t re-inventing the wheel, we can provide you with some key insights that you will need to bring your website up to speed.

The e-mail will come with a Web.Dev and SERAnking Report so keep an eye on that spam filter!


Free Website Audit

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Some Feedback from Clients

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Matt at Flat Rate Content, is the absolute best contractor I’ve worked with! He redesigned a non-profit association’s website into WordPress from the conceptual stage through re-deployment onto our new hosting provider. Through quick and easy communication, Matt worked diligently to meet our expectations for look, style, and completion time frame. Matt had the tools, knowledge, and design sense to get our job done quickly and for a great price. We’ll be calling again for future development projects! Thank you Matt!

Ben S.

For those who are seeking to have a website and an online shop, talking to Matt will be a big step. My farm products are now online and customised well enough to the local audience. He is available when needed and gives has send me video clips on the workings of the website. Check Him Out!

Moses M.

Great people very easy to work with!!! I have a great website now thanks to Flat Rate content very grateful!!!!!

Martice S.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Cost?

We charge a flat $400 per month. Based on our ‘system’ this gives us the ample amount of funding and time allotted to follow through with an actionable marketing game plan while also accommodating questions, pop-up tasks, and other requests a client would normally ask.

Are You Contract Based?

We do not require the signing of any contracts. 

However, our internet marketing cycle is oriented around 90-Day bursts. So while you are not required to stay for the 90 days, this time frame allows us to fully execute our intended strategy.

Where Are You Located?

We are centered in St. Louis Park, but we have a completely digital workspace. If you would like to schedule a meeting we can offer both video or standard calls.

How Many People Are Working On My Account?


Our approach involves a single point of contact for every aspect of the job. This reduces blame shifting and solely rests accountability on one person. No representative will have a workload that supersedes their capabilities.