Search Engine Optimization

Why You Should Invest in SEO

You’ll often hear the phrase ‘SEO is an investment.’ While I definitely believe that you should allot resources for SEO on your business, I think investment is an odd phrase to use.

There are similarities between investment in stocks and SEO. If we are giving up resources to a business we want to make sure it’s a stable industry, that they are doing better than their competition, and that they’re tracking to out-perform from last year.

But while the market can certainly be volatile, for online marketing it’s much more apparent when a swing happens. Between Google Core Updates, Paid Ads Investments of Your Competitors, and overall poor performance from a strategy standpoint, you’ll want to invest in a manner that more resembles buying solar panels; where you can get something back right away and it’ll pay itself off in spades under the right utilization.


How Our System Works

There are two different angles we take with our SEO. 

New Content has the dual-purpose of being used for Social Media and to bring in new keywords to your website.

Optimizing what your site already presents gives us the opportunity to re-invent your content to be more successful. 


Keyword Research

Google gives us reliable keyword metrics that we can cite as having a profitable investment.



After approving the keywords for user interaction we optimize it for Bots and Data sets.


We take those approved keywords and make sure they are evenly represented in the copy.


Monthly reports track everything from historical keyword shifts to competitor comparisons.

Free SEO Audit

Everyone has a general understanding of SEO. To put it simply, it’s making sure a web page fairly represents the information on it. 

To people, does your page answer questions they may have?

To robots, does your page check all the boxes for good data architecture?

If you are unsure as to the performance of your website and would like a free SEO report, fill out the form on the right and you’ll receive one within an hour or two.

We’ll contact you after the report is issued to see if you have any questions or you can always click the chat bubble in the bottom right to connect with me straightaway.


Some Feedback from Clients

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Matt is great to work with. I had been trying to do my own technical SEO and always felt like I was taking a math class I wasn’t meant to succeed in. Matt was quickly able to figure out what my demographic is and adapt his efforts toward it. I still do some of my own marketing, but only the ‘fun’ stuff that I am confident with (postcards and how-to videos), and it’s nice not to have to feel any dread when I sit down to do my own promotional work. I recommend Flat Rate Content without reservation.

Brad C.

Matt’s helped my business a TON when it comes to online marketing and SEO. The services are clearly defined and expectations are always exceeded. Best of all he always is available to answer questions I have regarding side things we’re working on. Would absolutely recommend!

Austin V.

I hired Flat Rate Content to help internet makerting and website design for my small law firm. This has been a wonderful experience. Matt took some time to do some research on appropriate website design for the firm. He came prepared with ideas to our first phone meeting. I have enjoyed working with him and his company.

S. L.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Cost?

We charge a flat $400 per month. Based on our ‘system’ this gives us the ample amount of funding and time allotted to follow through with an actionable marketing game plan while also accommodating questions, pop-up tasks, and other requests a client would normally ask.

Are You Contract Based?

We do not require the signing of any contracts. 

However, our internet marketing cycle is oriented around 90-Day bursts. So while you are not required to stay for the 90 days, this time frame allows us to fully execute our intended strategy.

Where Are You Located?

We are centered in St. Louis Park, but we have a completely digital workspace. If you would like to schedule a meeting we can offer both video or standard calls.

How Many People Are Working On My Account?


Our approach involves a single point of contact for every aspect of the job. This reduces blame shifting and solely rests accountability on one person. No representative will have a workload that supersedes their capabilities.