What Social Media Profiles Should I Use?

What Social Media should my Business Have?

Google Plus, all day every day. It’s the superior platform and everyone I know is going out of their way to use it, you should too! Nah, I’m kidding, Google Plus is dead in the water and it’s being phased out soon.

Your Social Media presence is going to be the easiest because it’s a matter of checking off what you can and cannot do easily. So when you are determining Social Media there’s only about 2-3 that I fully endorse.

Google+ Is Dead In The Water, Find a Social Media Profile You Already Get Along With and Follow That Through

Which Social Media Profiles will Benefit my Business


First, Facebook. By that I mean, it’s in First place. It’s not going anywhere, scandal after scandal can come out about how awful Mark Zuckerberg is and people will still be there to post their thoughts and prayers and Christmas greetings. It’s not going anywhere, never will, you should hop on that if you’re not already on it.


Instagram is the next top dog and it’s becoming a more boutique business oriented place by the second. You should definitely check it out for your business. But be wary of the posts here, it should be a big beautiful picture and a wall of text, hashtags unlimited there.


Twitter is best for hot takes and quick news. You’ll see many comedians and news correspondents using it for breaking news and funny commentary. So if you’re business is ready to be quippable on a daily basis, it can benefit your business greatly.


I am not on the Snapchat bandwagon. I’ve seen it work for some businesses, but it’s clear they are tipping themselves towards fortune 500 companies and mega-corporations. I don’t think Snapchat for business is really a thing but if you happen to run a club or an escape room or something like that, snapchat for business might be for you. There is a smart way to integrate it with your business, but I would be wary with how you utilize it and it certainly isn’t for everyone.


When a client asked me if they should go on Pinterest, I asked them if they were on Etsy. I think the two of them work really well together and I think that really defines how well you should utilize it. If you are into fashioning things at home or fashioning yourself outside, Pinterest can be a great way to integrate with your Instagram and e-commerce site, but there is definitely a lopsided demographic for female users so make sure you are creating content that is tailored to them.


I will be the first to say that LinkedIn is the only social media profile that I haven’t utilized fully. Which is a shame because I’m relatively certain it is the best platform for me. I enjoy reading industry papers and following industry professionals and LinkedIn looks like the hill people die on when it comes to Social Media. So if you are in a trade or an industry that always has emerging news, it’s paramount you get a LinkedIn and start filling it up with vital articles.

Facebook Is a Must-Have. It Has Turned Into a Dominant Form For Internet Marketing.

How Do I choose the Best Social Media Platform?

Do you use any of these platforms already? That’s your best indicator. Social Media is a full-time job in itself because you need to be consistent enough to respond to everyone but also separated enough that you can just leave and know everything will be fine.

If you are completely starting from scratch for Social Media, start on Facebook and build your page up and let it sit for a day until you can think about what you want to do with it. From there begin scaling appropriately. An Instagram is the next logical step then pick any of the other four that are there for different types of content.

It’s not an easy step to cross, but when you do, it’s rewarding.


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